official information disseminated by the AM Shore to Shore Radio Program (AMs2s)

There are at least two types of Infected.

Type One Infected
Type one are those that have contracted the virus but their bodies are still fighting the virus. They can be identified by having high fevers, bruising, acute pain in all joints, dementia, and tremors. This stage always leads to a coma like state that lasts 24-48 hours. Either the Type one will progress to type two or they will awaken weak and next to helpless, but it is believed they will be immune to further exposure.

Type Two Infected
Type Two Infected are the majority of Infected. The virus has completely destroyed their brain’s ability to process higher functions. They are driven by an overwhelming need to eat. They will attack any person they see or hear. It is assumed that they seem to possess a heightened sense of sight and sound. The will pursue their prey, often to their own determent. In other words they possess no sense of self preservation. They do appear to have abilities that are superhuman, but they are not. Their abilities are just normal for their body, just without any limitations on actions that would cause self harm. They do not worry about tearing muscle or breaking bones.

Type Two Infected (aka “A Duce”)do not seem to need to sleep. They do seem to go into a a “resting” state typified by appearing to be in a stupor and shuffle about aimlessly until they sense through either sight or sound, their prey. Once they detect prey they instantly emit a load wailing moan that attract all other infected. They will swarm their prey and will even attack each other to get at the prey once it is killed. It is also believed that Duces are attracted to loud sounds like police or other emergency sirens, some cell phone ring tones, and loud voices. It is unconfirmed, but suspected that gentle song or music (NOT ROCK AND ROLL, RAP, or TECHNO) will lull a Duce back into it’s “resting” state.

Type Three Infected
The existence of Type Three Infected is unconfirmed. However the persistent rumors from various sources in numerous geographic regions strongly that there are “Super” Infected. All reports state that there have been small sightings of Infected that have mutated beyond that of a Stage Two Infected with abilities that make them more dangerous. All variants of Stage Three display similar characteristics; They are so pale they are almost white, they eyes are not as opaque or dull as a Stage Two’s. Their bodies seem to decompose at a slower rate than a Stage Two. They are:

  • Hunters – A Stage Three that is weaker than a Stage two, having less ability to push their body to beyond normal limits. They often are able to display some higher thinking which is evident in their ability to use limited tactics and actually hunt down prey. They often use Stage Two Infected to heard their prey into choke points.
  • Flyers – Flyers are Stage Three Infected that posses the ability to make very long or very high jumps. They are not as strong or agile as Stage Two Infected. They tend to leap over a swarm of Duces or drop down from a perch. They possess no ability for higher function. They cannot actually fly.
  • Agiles – A Stage Three Infected that has the ability to climb, open doors, swing and use simple weapons like clubs and rocks. Agiles are very quiet, do not moan like Type Two Infected and do not go into a feeding frenzy. Agiles have been seen to attract the unwanted attention of Stage Two Infected. Duces seem to mistake Agiles for prey, therefore Agiles tend to hunt in buildings with two or more stories or where they can drop down on their prey and move them to a higher location before Duces can respond.
  • Bitches – A Stage Three that, for some odd reason, is always a female who retains some emotional capability. It is assumed that this retention of emotion causes a “memory echo” in the Bitch that causes remorse for attacking people. When they are in their “resting” state, they sob and cry softly. The seem to lack the acute hearing and sight of Duces. When they do detect prey, they attack all out at greater than normal strength.
  • Captains – A captain is a Stage Three Infected that has the unique ability to influence Stage Two Infected. Through the use of the Moans and groaning that all Infected make, a Captain can issue some very basic commands to cretin Stage Two Infected. One report states that the captain used the Duces to attack a building at multiple points and capture the prey alive and return the victim to the Captain. It should be noted that there are by far fewer reports of Captains than any other type of Stage Three Infected.
  • Swimmers – Swimmers are the only Infected of Stage that can swim. They are identical to Stage Two infected in all respects, except they are only found near water and are usually dripping wet. It is assumed that these infected never recover from the fever portion of Stage one and must stay in or near water to regulate their body temperature.
  • Slimers – Stage Three Slimers are Infected that secrete a thick almost gel-like sweat that is both noxious and disgusting. Its scent seems to attract Duces in large numbers. A slimer appears to only secrete this “sweat” when it is actively hunting. The substance is used by the Slimer to mark the prey. A slimmer will attack by ambushing the target with a body slamming attack then break contact and let the Duces come to assault the target. The “slime” must be as disgusting to the Duces as it is to the un-infected because they will not take more than one bite of a “Slimmed” victim, instead leaving it for the slimmer to claim later. The slimes scent appears to last for about an hour and is difficult to remove. Water seems to have little effect on it. Sketchy accounts report limited success with using beer, vinegar, and urine to mask or remove the smell.
  • Firecrackers – Fire crackers are Stage Three Infected that are extremely bloated infected. For what ever the reason, the gasses produced by decomposition slowly build up inside a Firecracker. They are slower and less agile when in a feeding frenzy, than a Stage Two. They can vomit a caustic substance that can cause temporary blindness, skin irritation, and can incapacitate a person for a mall amount of time time much like a short lived riot gas exposure. Firecrackers get their name from the tendency they have to explode when shot, therefore it is recommended that if you have to engage a Firecracker, it should be done at maximum range.

Stage Four Infected
There are only individual reports of Infected with even grater abilities than those of the Stage Three Infected. Because of the limited number of reports and no verification possible at this time we believe that any abnormality to the Three Stages is the result of a random mutation or is pure fiction of the part of a confused survivor.

We of course, will continue to update our listening audience as we learn more information.


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