Welcome to Zompocalypse!

A pandemic erupted on Valentine’s Day 2009 in the Houston/Galveston region. Tens of thousands of people were infected with an extremely deadly virus, later designated XV-1013.

Some say the virus is an ancient illness that was dormant in the graves of past victims that were unearthed during Hurricane Ike. Once the virus was in the open it infected local survivors as well as relief workers that had come from all over the country to aid Texas in her time of need, thus spreading it all over North America rapidly.

Another claim is that the VX-1013 is a form of bio-warfare that was accidently released from the University of Texas Robert E. Shope Medical Laboratory. The lab was a biological agent research center where the government paid university professors to study things like Ebola, bird flu, small pox, bubonic plague, anthrax, SARS and a host of others.

Still others suggest that the virus was purposely released into the area by terrorists funded by Cuba. The proponents of this theory claim that illegal aliens were purposely infected and released into Mexico with the goal of migrating to Houston. The fact that the post-hurricane construction market was booming is why many of the infected managed to end up in South East Texas.

Whatever the virus’ origin, its results are clear. Those who contract it will die. Their bodies undergo an extreme physiological transformation. The virus travels through the circulatory system until it reaches the brain where it begins the transformation in which it attempts to take over the host. While they are not “undead” in the movie sense, they are for all purposes, zombies, even though calling them The Infected is appropriate.

One thing is certain: Once an outbreak occurs, it is extremely difficult to contain, societal norms rapidly disintegrate and chaos reigns. Personal survival becomes the only game in town for many.


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