This is where we post info the players have learned about the Zombies.

According to the “AM Shore to Shore Radio Program” the following information about the epidemic is reliable and should be used in planning any movment outside your shelter.

  • Air is Toxic to the infection; any penetration to the brain cavity will be an almost instant kill
  • The virus lives in the brains and uses electrical impulses to animate the body
  • The virus turns the blood into a gel like substance
  • The virus need fresh flesh to continue to be active otherwise the virus/body will go dormant
  • The infected do not breathe
  • The infected cannot talk or reason
  • An Infected’s blood is not contagious
  • An Infected’s saliva is contagious
  • Some Survivors are immune to the virus, some have a resistance to the virus at varying levels
  • Most infected CAN jump, often at greater than normal human ability
  • Most infected can use their physical abilities at a greater than normal level
  • When an infected senses prey, they will charge for and attack all out
  • The majority of infected CANNOT climb
  • Feeding infected emit a low guttural moan that draws other infected
  • Feeding frenzies are common, the infected will attack each other to get to the food
  • There are unconfirmed rumors of “super” infected with much greater abilities

This list is not a complete guide. It will be added to as more is learned.


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