Shotgun Rules

The Shotgun rules for this game are as follows:

All Shotguns do 4d4 damage wither firing shot or slugs.

No Precise Shot – Shotguns firing shot do not benefit from the Precise Shot feat, nor any other feat that relies on the ability to place single shots accurately.

Reduced Range – Shotguns do not have rifling (they are smooth-bore) and therefore have a maximum range of four (4) range increments for shot and six (6)for slugs instead of the normal ten (10) range increments.

No Range Penalty – A shotgun firing shot produces a pattern that spreads wider over distance, making targets easier to hit. Therefore, shotguns firing shot do not suffer the normal -2 range penalty per range increment. Shotguns firing slugs do suffer this penalty.

Range Affects Damage – A shotgun firing shot does less damage at longer ranges. For each full range increment, damage is reduced by 1 die.

  • Range increment 1 – 4d4
  • Range increment 2 – 3d4
  • Range increment 3 – 2d4
  • Range increment 4 – 1d4

A shotgun firing slugs does not suffer decreased damage at ranges, but is less likly to hit (see above).

No Suppressors – This is already outlined in the d20 Modern rules (under Suppressor), but a shotgun firing shot cannot gain the benefit of a suppressor. The powerful blast of pellets from a shotgun is impossible to suppress without heavily modifying the weapon itself.

No Scopes – A shotgun firing shot cannot gain the benefit of a scope. The pellets scatter and decrease in velocity at a rate which cannot be aided by enhanced optics. A shotgun firing slugs, however, can gain the benefit of a scope.

Shotgun Rules

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