Safe Houses

official Information Disseminated by the AM Shore to Shore Radio Program (AMs2s)

Safe Houses will be set up in Containment Zones. These will be structures that can be easily defended from infected. Each safe house will have a double entry, or an “air lock” to allow those inside to be sure survivors are not infected.

A Safe House will be stocked with food, common ammunition, medicine and water. They are to be manned when possible. If not the doors will not be locked, but have a complex latching mechanism that requires skill beyond those which The Infected posses in order to keep them out.
Safe Houses will be periodically visited by the National Guard or Arm forces in APCs to resupply the safe house or evacuate survivors.

Rules for use of a Safe House:

  • Take only what you need
  • Leave anything you can spare
  • Leave a note to pass on information
  • Do not take any official posted information

Each safe house will be designated with the signs below. Where possible, signs will be set up within one mile with arrows designating the direction to the safe house.

Safe Houses

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