Remington Model 700

Remington Model 700
.308 Cal (7.62mm) Bolt Action Hunting Rifle

Damage Critical Dam Type Range ROF Magazine Size Weight
2d10 20 Ballistic 100’ S 5 int Large 7lbs

The Remington Model 700 series is the all-time best selling line of bolt action sporting rifles in the world. They were an immediate hit when introduced in 1962 and have never looked back. The Model 700 has also become the favored action of many custom rifle builders.

The Model 700 action was designed for ease of manufacture, given the manufacturing technology of the early 1960’s, and uses a round action machined from bar stock, a plunger ejector in the bolt face and a sort of circlip in the bolt face that snaps over the rim of a chambered cartridge to extract the fired brass. The bolt face is recessed to enclose the base of the cartridge, which is also surrounded by the chamber end of the barrel and the front receiver ring. The cartridge head is thus circled by three rings of steel, much as with the Weatherby Mark V action, and this fact was not overlooked by the Remington advertising department.

Traditionalists considered these cost cutting innovations “cheap,” but the customers responded in droves to the undeniable good looks of the Model 700 ADL and BDL rifles themselves. They were among the best looking hunting rifles ever introduced and the stock design handled recoil very well, which made them pleasant to shoot. The two position safety (back for “safe” and forward for “fire”) at the rear of the action is easy to operate; it used to lock the bolt (to prevent inadvertent opening in the field) as well as the trigger, but the former feature has been eliminated. They were also hell for strong and very accurate. An excellent user-adjustable trigger with the exceptionally fast lock time of 3.0 milliseconds complemented the inherent accuracy of the new rifles.

Remington got a leg up on the market because in 1964 Winchester introduced a revised version of their famous Model 70 rifle-really a new action-also designed for easier manufacture, that pleased practically no one. The new Model 70 was actually a good action, but the stock design, barrel bedding, checkering, and so forth left a lot to be desired. Many previous Winchester customers turned to the sharp looking Model 700 from Remington.

The Model 700 has evolved with the market place and today it is available in a bewildering array of models. Some are pretty plain and some are bespoke rifles turned out to special order in Remington’s Custom Gun Shop. Model 700 barreled actions are made from carbon or stainless steel, with matte or polished finishes, and stocked in solid walnut, laminated wood, and synthetic materials. They come in a variety of barrel lengths and contours and for a wide range of cartridges. The constant (at least for the centerfire rifles) is the Model 700 action itself, the heart of every Model 700 rifle.

Remington Model 700

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