Containment Zones

official Information Disseminated by the AM Shore to Shore Radio Program (AMs2s)

The government has announced that they will be setting up Containment Zones in which all personnel will be withdrawn. A boundary will be set up to contain the The infected. Any civilians inside the containment zones will be on their own.

List of Containment Zones Coming Soon.
Not many details yet, but the President has declared the following areas of Texas counties as the First Containment Zone:

All of the area South of the town of Navasota due east to the Texas/Louisiana Border and from the Brazos River east to the Sabine River. Effectively following highway 105 as it would extend to Deweyville.

Check Points will be established in Navasota, Conroe, Dewyville, Orange, Sealy, and On Interstate I-10 at the LA border.

A command center will be in the town of Rosenburg.

This closes off all of South East Texas.

The impact on oil refining is yet to be determined.

Containment Zones

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