Calico Firearms

d20 Game Information:

Model Cal Dam Crit Range ROF Magazine Weight
M-100 Rifle .22LR 2d4 20 75’ S 50/100 5.7 lbs
M-110 Pistol .22LR 2d4 20 50’ S 50/100 3.5 lbs
M-950 SMG 9mm 2d6 20 50’ S/A 50/100 5.8 lbs
Liberty I Rifle 9mm 2d6 20 75’ S 50/100 7.5 lbs
Liberty II Rifle 9mm 2d6 20 75’ S 50/100 6.8 lbs

All weights differ from published d20 sources, however the above weights are from the manufacturer, based on the weapon being loaded with the 100 round magazine.

Calico firearms incorporate the Helical Feed System with the option of using a 50 or 100 round drum magazine. Even fully loaded with the 100 round capacity, in the 9mm versions, they are lighter than the UZI or MP-5. The Helical feed magazine can be loaded and stored indefinitely without spring fatigue, and with the Calico speed loader, the 50 round magazine can be loaded from an open box of ammo in less than 15 seconds and 30 seconds for 100 rounds.

Both the pistol and carbine have virtually no muzzle climb, even with rapid firing and sent cases are ejected straight down in front of the trigger guard for close quarter operation. This is very important in a combat or law enforcement tactical operation as shells ejecting to the right give away your position. A fully ambidextrous safety, a static charging handle with no external moving parts, and a comfortable nylon web sling offer superior handling of the Liberty III pistol and the Liberty series. All models field strip in a few seconds without tools and feature an adjusted front sight for windage and elevation. The Liberty III pistol is comparable in weight to a big bore pistol, except the Liberty III pistol has 50 rounds of ammunition.

The Liberty I and II carbines have a comfortable sliding steel butt stock that locks solidly into position for added accuracy. A full length, glass filled polymer butt stock is available.

The bolt is a delayed blowback type similar to the ones used on the MP-5 sub machine gun except outs was specifically designed for the 9mm cartridge and is significantly smaller and lighter. Manufactured from high strength, heat treated, S-7 tool steel that easily withstands shock, wear and corrosive fouling. The bolt, striker, springs, and buffer drop out of the receiver as a single unit with no loose parts.

As exciting as the 9mm Calico firearms are, don’t forget about our line of .22 firearms! All models feature a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and helical feed magazine, which are available in 50 round and 100 round capacities and can be stored fully loaded indefinitely without spring fatigue. The magazines are constructed of space age, high impact, fiber reinforced, and thermoplastic – the same material used in the 9mm series. The M-100 carbine has perfect balance… The placement of the magazine puts the center of gravity above the recoil, which counteracts muzzle lift and improves accuracy.

Calico Firearms

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