Chaos Day

Where I was on the day of the outbreak

by Joe Miller

Chaos Day started like any other for me. Like most Saturdays I was nursing a hangover and thinking about what I needed to get at the Home Improvement Depot. The only thing was I had this court ordered substance abuse group that I had to go to for a DUI I caught on the way home from the deer lease. I hated the classes and resented going, but hey, the coffee was ok and the donuts were good.

Anyway, I’m sitting there waiting for the good doctor to show up. He was way late and the new on TV was about rioting at the medical center. That caught my attention as I was at a medical center. Turns out I was not at THE medical center, but a medical center. A lot of people had been coming down with some serious bug after the hurricane. Some folks were calling it Ike’s Disease. It hits fast, you get one hell of a cough, then a bad fever. You bruise easy which is THE sign. Most of the people that get Ike’s bad enough that the bruising sets in, well most of them don’t make it.

While we are waiting on the Dr. one punk kid in the group, Robbie something or other, he starts bitching at the receptionist who is clearly swamped, she said half the staff was out and the Doctor wasn’t back from lunch yet. She was coughing and sneezing and looked like hell.

So after a half hour or so we are all angry. The kid for being there on a Saturday, others cause the Doc aint in yet and me cause some fat ass took the last of the Krispy Kreams and the coffee is going cold. I got things to do. I need to pick up a load of knotty pine for one of the cabins I’m redoing. The kid tells the lady he is leaving. I ask her to make sure that the state knows we showed up but the good doctor didn’t. I can’t lose my license, you see. So she says yes sign here, and here and here and all that crap.

We left the clinic and saw a fight over by the door and a bunch of rent-a-cops headed that way. I offered to drive Robbie home so he wouldn’t have to wait on a bus. This far north of the city, it would have taken a while. While we were getting in I saw someone across the street I knew. I called out to Seth and he came over. He was in his work clothes, the martial arts stuff he teaches. He said he was teaching class and one of his students passed out so he brought them to the ER (which is across the street from the clinic) because there were no ambulances available. Aint that some shit?

While we were talking a couple HPD cruisers pulled up and several cops ran inside. A few seconds later there was gun fire and one of the cops was thrown out the window. Some chick, covered in blood jumped out after him She jumped on him, he went to push her off and she bit him, taking out a huge chunk of his arm. I have never seen that much blood come out of a person. I ran over to help, not sure how, she saw me and charged. Seth hit her with one of his sticks, but she acted like she didn’t feel it. I pulled out my pistol and fired two shots into her chest. I know I hit her, she jerked back but didn’t go down, I fired two more, she fell down after that. But the bitch got back up. At this time another one, this one wearing a doctors lab coat came out, again covered in blood, she went after Seth, he hit her with his stick and I think cracked her damn skull, it was a hard hit.

Meanwhile that bitch was gwtting up again and the kid yells “Like the move, shoot her in the f-ing head” so I did, she stayed down after that. I tell the kids to get in the truck and we gotta decide what to do, there is like a full riot going on around us and the radio is telling us to get home. Great I live on my boat, Miss Ellie, and she is over 40 miles away. But it’s all good my brother lives here in Spring. I decide we just go to his place and chill there. I got the alarm code, and I know the combo to the gun safe. Its all good.



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