Chaos Day Part 3

Fires, Zombies and an Empty Gas Tank

by Joe Miller

The little girl, Rikki (aka Scream), was messing with the TV. She got a newscast from Fox 26. They were saying that Governor P had declared martial law to try and quell the rioting. The said that everyone had till 8 PM to get home and barricade themselves in. Anyone out after that would be shot on sight by the police or the National Guard, which Pretty Perry was ordering in. That gave us less than an hour and forty-five minutes to get to safety. We couldn’t stat at Buck’s because the fire was rapidly headed this way. I had planned on taking the trails to the lake and following the river down but that would take way too much time. We would have to make a speed run. With all the stuff I was busy collecting we were going to need another vehicle.

I must have said something out loud because The Kid volunteered to go “acquire one”. He asked for a couple of tools and took off. I told Tuxedo to go with him, but I guess he didn’t hear me. I was in the workshop at this time and started grabbing anything I thought might be useful during the next few weeks. Tux sharpened his axe head and helped himself to one of Buck’s chainsaws. Seth was busy opening the radios and getting them all on the same frequency.

I fired up Buck’s HAM radio and called ET. It took him a few minutes to answer, but he did answer. He was OK, Miss Ellie was OK too. He told me Gereth was there with him. I told Eddie to get under way and head North up the ship channel and maintain station off of pier 23. And I told them not to let any other boats near Miss Ellie. I was figuring a speed rundown I-59 to 610 and hit the ship channel. I was thinking maybe taking 1960 across Lake Houston to 1233 down to the Lynchburg Ferry, but that would put us in a hell of a bottle neck and I don’t know if we could tie up to load our loot.

I got that all worked out with ET and Gereth so I started packing all I could think of. About that time the girl came into the shed and handed Tuxedo and I each a two-way radio. She went off to give The Kid one. A few minutes later we heard her screaming. Again.

Tux and I raced out of the shed and cut up to the front yard. We saw The Kid and Screamer high tailing it into the front of Buck’s house, chased by three of the infected. Tux pulled out a Glock and fired a several rounds at the one that was banging on the dining room window glass. I fired at the closest one while Tux took on the other. After a few rounds from both our pistols they both went down. We called out that we were coming in. Seth Had one of the shotguns at the ready.

The fire was getting closer, so we decided to get the hell out of there. Seth and I would take my truck with Seth taking shotgun (a Mossberg), and The Kid would drive the newly acquired Excursion while Tuxedo took shotgun and Scream would be in the back with the gear. We loaded up everything we could fit and that we thought would be useful. With that out of control fire headed this way, I didn’t think the house would stand anyway.

We had to follow a ditch then ford it to get out of the subdivision. We crossed back over and got onto Cypresswood. We had to dodge and swerve a few wrecks. At one point I saw an Infected hanging on to the Excursion, Tux stood up in the sunroof and took care of it with a road flare and a machete. Quite creative thinking, if you ask me. When we got to Treshwig, I was thinking about headed down to Carter’s Country to see what we could find, but The Kid pointed out that if the staff were still alive, they wouldn’t be too receptive of guests. I had to agree.

We got onto 1960 and made a speed run to Humble. I heard the others (via the radio) talking about how weird it was to be near the airport and not see or hear planes. I guess I didn’t spend enough time on that part of town for me to notice the difference. We were just about in Humble when The Kid calls up and tells me that the car he stole was low on gas. Great. Just Frakking Great.



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